NGO Activities in Nepal: The Health Foundation Nepal- Orientation Program for Female Community Health Volunteers

NGO Activities in Nepal: The Health Foundation Nepal

The Health Foundation Nepal (HFN), a prominent NGO in Nepal, recently organized a one-day orientation program for Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) from ward-3. The main objective of the program was to optimize their involvement in non-communicable disease (NCD)-related activities.

The orientation program, conducted by Public Health Officer Susagya Bhusal and Medical Officer Dr. Sunny Chhettri, aimed to enhance the knowledge of the FCHVs regarding ongoing programs in NCD Nepal. It also familiarized them with their roles and responsibilities within these programs.

Overseeing the various aspects of the orientation program was Mr. Prayash Gautam, the program manager of HFN. Additionally, Mr. Giriraj Paudel and Mr. Minraj Oli (HA) provided valuable logistics support.

The program witnessed the participation of 11 FCHVs, one Health Post Incharge, one Senior Auxiliary Health Worker (Sr. AHW), and one Auxiliary Health Worker (AHW). This inclusive and collaborative effort aimed to empower the FCHVs and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute effectively to NCD-related activities.

Through conducting such programs, the Health Foundation Nepal strives to promote better health outcomes and raise awareness about non-communicable diseases within the community. The organization’s dedication to empowering FCHVs and their commitment to community health sets an inspiring example for NGO activities in Nepal.

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