In rural areas, school children in government schools face problems with basic sanitation and hygiene, exposing them to various risk factors for communicable and non-communicable diseases, including severe injuries and burns. Adequate health literacy is difficult to reach out to such children due to a lack of adequate reading, learning, and teaching materials, as well as the lack of appropriate methods of health education programs in government school settings.



We have been conducting school health program in Chitwan and Dang on the topics like school sanitation and hygiene, oral and dental hygiene, menstrual hygiene, road traffic injuries, mental health, healthy behavioral lifestyle, awareness on non-communicable diseases, childhood malnutrition, food handling and safety and other health topics.


1212 school children

We have been able to reach our health literacy program to total 1212 school children of 9 schools of Dang by conducting physical classes.

Testimonial From Volunteers

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Sushmita Khadka, MD

Coming straight from a background of government work and struggling with fierce exams of Medical  Licensing for the United States, I was lost somewhere in between. Health Foundation Nepal made me feel connected to my roots. I was involved in the ‘Health Literacy project’ where we made videos on common public health conditions appropriate for school children which is being utilized to educate students in the Chitwan district of Nepal. Beyond social work, this platform also gives you the opportunity to meet accomplished people who are united with the common goal of helping each other. Working with a wonderful team who goes above and beyond to support you is a wonderful experience to remember for a lifetime. It has filled me with positivity to stay connected and participate in more projects from Health Foundation Nepal in the upcoming future.
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Samridhi Khatri, MD

Working for HFN has been one of the most uplifting experience of my life. I have been working as an Instructor/Mentor for the health literacy project. My role mainly comprises of educating high school students about various health related topics to enhance health literacy through a digital medium. This opportunity at HFN has been amazing and it has really helped me grow as a person both personally and professionally. It has made me realize that our responsibility as learned humans lie not only in the field of our professional spheres only but there is a social and moral obligation for each one of us towards our community and the underprivileged. HFN has been that medium which has let me make my share of the contribution towards those that need to be served and I will be forever grateful for this experience. ​It also helped me with getting an observership with Dr. Manoj Bhattarai, which was crucial in my USMLE journey and also to network with other professionals at HFN.

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