Mental health issues are a serious public health concern around the world. There is an urgent need to reduce this gap. Scaling up mental health services may be aided by shifting the focus of specialist mental health workers (psychiatrists and psychologists) from just service delivery to also designing and managing mental health services, building clinical capacity of primary health care (PHC) workers, and providing mental health service supervision and quality assurance.


HFN has been constructing Integrated Mental Health Centre to provide integrated clinical services in Ward number 6, Ghorahi, Dang for Psychiatric Care Treatment of people who are stigmatized, marginalized, and neglected due to serious mental diseases. The Integrated Mental Health Centre is a community-based mental health program that includes the establishment of a Psychiatric Care Centre, mental health research, capacity building of service providers and volunteers, and community-based mental health treatment and BCC activities.


The integrated community mental health center will enroll the community people with mental illness for mental health services. It will provide comprehensive facility based mental health services to the patients according to their needs from trained mental health providers that comprises:

  •  Therapy
  • Diagnosis
  • Psychiatric services
  • Management and treatment of mental illness

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