Talladehi Baitadi is a rural and remote area of Far Western Nepal. According to the Health Management Information System (HMIS) the population of Talladehi is 3793 (Population estimation for 2016/2017). The HP at Talladehi provides maternity services including institutional delivery from birthing center. More than 500 pregnant and lactating mothers visit this HP annually and service providers at HP conduct more than 250 institutional deliveries per year. Health care services require a sufficient amount of water to provide quality health care services. But, quality of health care services including institutional delivery service has been heavily compromised due to lack of sufficient water in this HP.  Health care providers usually brought water from the nearby water source themselves. Sometimes they also ask visitors to bring water, especially for maternity services that demand sufficient water. In spite of availability of water sources, drinking water is a major problem in Talladehi. At present (as of September 2017) due to lack of the water supply in Talladehi health post, the service of institutional deliveries has been stopped,  Lack of overall sanitation in Health Post (e.g. Toilet, other purposes), Interruption of routine services- like institutional deliveries at health post and increased risk of cross infection has been raised.

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Health Foundation Nepal has been working in Nepal to support the maintenance of sanitation of the birthing center. The aim of our project was to support the maintenance of sanitation in the Health Post and to provide facility of potable water to the patients and minimize the probability of water related infections.



Project Beneficiaries

Health Post : 1 (Users: 20-30 per day)

Households : 10 Household 


Gravity safe water supply scheme (1- intake/6000 liters capacity Reservoir, 2 BPT,  1- 6 m3 RVT, 1- Tap Stand post & 2953 ft. 25 mm HDPE Pipe line of 10kgf/cm2 pressure rating transmission system, internal pipeline wiring and plumbing works)

Solar Hot Water System with hot water pipeline wiring, plumbing  and accessories utilities system with safe drinking water filtration systems installed 

Provided Project operation and maintenance support to HFOHC

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