Public health concern was increasing with a massive rise in the number of COVID-19 cases, especially during the second wave of COVID in Nepal. During that pandemic, GoN was enforcing some forms of lockdown, encouraging people to implement social distancing so as to reduce interactions between people which could eventually reduce the possibilities of new infection; however, it affected the overall physical, mental, social and spiritual health of the people. There were high possibilities of increase in prevalence of depression and anxiety during that pandemic due to the restrictions (lockdown) as well as low availability of health care services. Most of the health facilities had full occupancy and only limited beds were available all over Nepal.


Health Foundation Nepal (HFN), in collaboration with the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health and Population, Epidemiology and Disease Control Division, Nepal, and Nepal Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), launched a Tele-mental health project in Nepal for people with COVID-19. This program’s goal was to improve the mental health of COVID-19 patients and their family members in Nepal. The main beneficiaries of the program were people infected with COVID 19 at that period and Post COVID patients.  We provided COVID/Post COVID patients with the COVID 19 Tele Mental Health service.

Psychiatrists/psychologists/health workers were involved in screening COVID/post COVID patients, mental health status. Patients were also given Psychological First Aid and a relaxation exercise.


602 consultation 

602 Corona Virus infected patients were served by proper medical/mental consultation.

153 individuals

Psychological first aid was provided to 153 individuals

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