Chepang is an indigenous ethnic group living in Central and Southern Nepal especially in Chitwan and other districts and also known as one of the isolated tribal groups of Nepal. Chepang are found back in health seeking practices than the other communities. Cent percent mothers had reported that they had given birth to their first baby before 20 years of age. They have lived a semi-nomadic life, and have depended enormously on the natural forest resources over a long period of time. Chepang are marginalized ethnic people deprived of basic services with poor access to health facilities which makes them vulnerable particularly Chepang women during pregnancy.


HFN has partnered with Laxmi Pratisthan to provide primary healthcare services to the Chepang Community of Chitwan district Nepal. We have agreed to support the establishment and operation of a Health Clinic to ensure the basic health services to the poor and marginalized people. The establishment is in Kanda Village of Lothar VDC-7 (Rapti Municipality -13) in Chitwan district, Nepal which is inhabited by the marginalized Chepang Community. HFN continues to support Laxmi Prathistan to run the clinic. Laxmi Pratisthan established the “Kanda Health Clinic with the financial support from Health Foundation Nepal to assure basic health services to the locals residing around Kanda Village, Chitwan.


10- 15 patients per day

The Clinical service includes basic health check-ups, minor surgeries, vaccination, awareness campaigns and free medicine distribution. Currently, 10- 15 patients are getting basic clinical services at that Clinic per day. 

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