Development is slow in rural areas due to a lack of knowledge and use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). ICT is evolving at a rapid pace, but it is less applicable in rural areas. Government public schools face challenges such as a lack of computers, ICT access, trained teachers, and appropriate arrangements to integrate computer classes for students.

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To empower children of challenging backgrounds in Nepal by teaching them health and computer skills on-demand that will aid them succeed and sound in their health and
digital literacy, develop intellectual skills and leadership for a better career, HFN has been putting digital and basic health literacy on the spotlight to unveil the transformative power of technology and digital literacy. Our digital literacy program includes basic computer literacy related to hardware, software, windows, keyboard components and Microsoft Office.


23 Public Schools and 2 Shelters

The program has been extended to 22 public schools and 2 shelters in Chitwan and 1 Public school in Parbat district of Nepal since 2016. We staffed a computer instructor that would go to each school weekly on a rotational basis to train students and teachers. 

Location of Schools where our computer literacy project is running.

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