Health Foundation Nepal, organized a relief program collaboration with Raju Lama Foundation to coordinate the distribution of relief materials with the victims impacted by a series of devastating floods and landslides in Sindhupalchok District. Relief package distributed with the supervision of Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Barabise Municipality, Sindhupalchok District to organize the relief programs in the affected areas. However, due to the lockdown, the relief programs could not be carried out immediately. We visited Sakuwa, Barabise Nagarpalika, and Bulkutte, Bhote Koshi Gaon Palika in Sindhupalchok District, and distributed the relief packages that included food items and daily utilities to 200 families, who lost their homes and family members due to the natural disaster.

Food and other utilities provided to each 200 families

[Rice: 25 kg (1 Sack), Oil: 2 liters, Daal/lentils: 2 kg, Salt: 2 kg, Nutella/ Soyabean : 1 kg, Soap: 4 Pcs, Brush & toothpaste: 1 each etc.]

We are greatly thankful for implementing it;

  • Raju Lama Foundation & Sapati Talk Show

  • Barabise Municipality, Sindhupalchok

  • Bhote Koshi Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchok

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