The majority of Nepal’s grassroots communities lack access to basic health care. Many barriers to access basic and primary health care services exist, such as poor economic affordability of services in profit-driven hospitals, physical inaccessibility of services due to the distanced location of health institutions, and so on. The poor and unserved people of Nepal, both in remote and urban areas, are facing a financial crisis at the household level as a result of out-of-pocket health care expenditure for basic health care rights and services. They are also experiencing delays in reaching distant medical facilities.


Health Foundation Nepal (HFN) has been conducting Community rural health clinics at Ghorahi-6 Jajaragaung, Dang to address the issue of service accessibility in unserved populations. The goals of this program are to provide free primary health care services at the community level, raise community awareness, and promote a healthier lifestyle. HFN has been offering temporary family planning devices such as condoms, depo-provera, and oral contraceptive pills at the community clinic since 2021, in collaboration with the Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City. HFN has been providing free medicine, health screenings, and medical counseling to underserved populations.


1451 health service

1451 health service seekers through its continuous effort of providing basic primary medical care, free medicine prescriptions and medical counseling since its establishment.

2 Health Institution

Our Physician has been providing Health Services to community people visiting Health Institution of Ghorahi ward 6, Fachakpur and ward 3, Jhigni.

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