Shreedhar Paudel, MD, MPH

President’s Message

The world is full of humble, caring and smart people. However, inequity, injustice and disparity also exist in the world. Until and unless a fair system is established and maintained in each and every state, the healthcare disparity will exist in the world. I believe that the passionate and humanitarian citizens around the world should be united and come forward advocating equity and justice in health care. Dream, hope, passion and volunteerism in improving the health of marginalized, neglected and disenfranchised people of any scale will have huge impacts in the lives of people …

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Ranjan Sapkota, MD, MS, MCh

Dear HFN supporters and well-wishers, 

Health Foundation Nepal (HFN), registered as a non-profit organization in the USA and Nepal, has been working to advance healthcare in rural Nepal since 2013. Equity, social justice, and community participation, as well as inter-sectoral cooperation and appropriate technology, are among HFN’s guiding principles.

HFN has been implementing different projects particularly on under five child nutrition, women of reproductive age, pregnant and lactating mothers, people suffered and affected by mental health problems and non-communicable diseases, digital and health literacy, health point water supply system and health system …

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What have we done with your help?


Postpartum and 280 pregnant women have been screened for Mental Health Problems.


Under 5 children have been screened for Malnutrition.


Calls were received by our doctors during COVID 19 second wave.


People have been screened for NCD.

News & Events

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NGO Activities in Nepal: The Health Foundation Nepal

NGO Activities in Nepal: The Health Foundation Nepal- Orientation Program for Female Community Health Volunteers

July 12, 2023

The Health Foundation Nepal (HFN), a prominent NGO in Nepal, recently organized a one-day orientation program for Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) from ward-3. The main objective of the program was to optimize their involvement in non-communicable disease (NCD)-related activities. The orientation program, conducted by Public Health Officer Susagya Bhusal and Medical Officer Dr. Sunny […]

A Discussion and Interaction for Sustainability of Health Foundation Nepal Projects in Dang with relevant parties of Ghorahi Sub metropolitan City.

A Discussion and Interaction for Sustainability of Health Foundation Nepal Projects in Dang with relevant parties of Ghorahi Sub metropolitan City.

May 11, 2023

Health Foundation Nepal (HFN), recently organized an engaging workshop titled A Discussion and Interaction for Sustainability of Health Foundation Nepal Projects in Dang with relevant parties of Ghorahi Sub Metropolitan City.” The event occurred in Jajaragau, Dang, and brought together key stakeholders, including government officials, healthcare professionals, and local representatives. The workshop aimed to foster […]

Health Foundation Nepal (HFN) Internship Program

July 28, 2023

The Health Foundation Nepal (HFN) internship provides students with practical experience and skill development in working in low-resourced health care settings, particularly in the areas of non-communicable diseases and community-based mental health. Working alongside physicians, nurses, psychosocial counselors, and community health volunteers, HFN interns will apply the knowledge and skills they have learned in their […]

Health Foundation Nepal’s initiatives to improve access to mental health care in rural Nepal

June 14, 2023

12/27/2022 Health Foundation Nepal (HFN), a non-profit organization registered in the USA and Nepal was established by young health care professionals who believed in community based comprehensive health care in 2013. HFN pioneers in community based approaches to provide free health care to the people in underserved communities in Nepal. As of 2022, besides other […]

Our star volunteers

Trishna Bhandari

I am glad that my first work experience was here with HFN, an organization that provides social justice to people through public health services. HFN was a great organizational placement where I along with my intern-mate engaged ourselves in the organizational activities to acquire skills to manage and administer public health services. My internship experience […]
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Miki Kuwabara

​Miki Kuwabara, School of Public Health, University of Tokyo, Japan
It was a great opportunity… ​It was great opportunity for me to conduct internship in Health Foundation Nepal. I learnt a lot from meeting with people related to mental health working at ministry of health and Population (MoHP) and different hospitals, visiting field in Dang and involving into ongoing programs. The most I was impressed is […]
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Dr. Anjan Kumar Basnet

Community health has always been a passion for me. After completing my medical school at National Medical College as a government scholar, I took on a challenging role as an acting in-charge at a rural government health care center.  Health Foundation Nepal gave me that opportunity. Especially at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, where […]
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Health Foundation Nepal is a non-profit with 501(3)(c) status from the IRS, all donation to our organization are tax deductible. ​

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